Uncle Vanya (2020)

Harold Pinter – 18/01/2020

It was only the fifth or so performance, and I thought it showed in the uneven flow of the play. Toby Jones (Vanya) was very funny, but it did not seem to line up with the rest of the cast. The Doctor (Astrov) was a bit of a tree hugging climate changer, less a tortured soul who’d seen too much death and found solace in his forest. I could not get a handle on him at all. Also Sonya was going on about not being pretty… which is a bit hard to sympathise with when you have someone as lovely as Aimee Lou Wood. The main disruptor of the play – Professor Serebryakov – was played by Ciaran Hinds, but I couldn’t see what he was going for either.. his ego and selfishness came across as something lessor, and overall became forgettable even when he was on stage.

The set was a nice colour palette of muted, age faded, blues, greys, greens, and was nicely match by the lighting.

I know it’s gonna get good reviews, and maybe as it continues it’s run it might smooth out, but for me, it’s is in the bottom of the middle range.

2 hours 30 + interval

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